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Ken Garofalo, owner and founder, received his first licensed certificate for Pet Watch in 2007.  Since that time Pet Watch Boston has expanded from Central Massachusetts to the Greater Boston Area.


Ken graduated with a degree in Finance from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. While working full time as a Mutual Fund Accountant in the financial industry Ken manages the Pet Watch Boston team effectively. His first advertising partnership came with The Pet Barn of Millbury, Massachusetts in 2008 and most recently with Yelp.com and Villagefinds.com. Ken's leadership has consistantly guided the company toward positive revenues.


For Ken starting Pet Watch in 2007 was a result of love for animals and a good sense of business. He now boasts of being the most descriptive pet care expert in the city.


"Our pet sitters provide straight forward and descriptive, detailed notes for every customer." - Ken Garofalo


Ken canvases the Boston Commons and Park once a month continuing to spread the word about Pet Watch Boston's quality services. He has showed the motivation that it takes to keep the company moving forward. Responsible for the creation of every Pet Watch (C) document and the PetWachBoston.com website he is the driving force behind the corporate structure of the company. Please feel free to contact Ken via Email at kengarofalo@petwatchboston.com with any questions.

Patrick Conlin, legal advisor and pet sitter, has been with Pet Watch (C) since 2008. He has been a consistant force behind the scenes and contributed to the certification of Pet Watch by providing appropriate legal documents. He continues to help drive the business model by participating in pet sittings as often as possible.

Ryan Gardell, creative and logo design, has been a loyal contributor to Pet Watch (C) since its existance staring in 2007. He has recently designed the new Pet Watch Logo with the double paw. He is a valuable contributor to the design team and works closely with us all to develope professional marketing products.

James Nutter, creative design and pet sitter, has been with Pet Watch (C)since 2010 and specializes in creative advertising ideas. He was one of the first to suggest Pet Watch (C) use the QR code on street ads to attract customers to the easy to use website.

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