Franchise Manager (Greater Miami- Dade Area):


If you Love Animals and have a strong Work Ethic please inquire below.


We are the highest quality pet sitting service currently available in Boston, Massachusetts. By coming directly to your home we make it possible for your pets to stay in comfort while you are away. Pet sitters provide straight forward and descriptive, detailed notes for every customer. We are looking to expand operations are seeking an experienced entrepreneurial manager looking to join our dedicated team. Pet Watch Boston has estimated revenue of $24,000 + per year, this could be greatly expanded in every city of interest.

"Our unmatched expertise and dedicated professional approach define our business." -  Ken Garofalo, CEO

Pet Watch - Franchise Regional Manager Position:
This position allows you full access to Pet Watch Boston's proven system and reliable client base. Pet Watch Boston provide all documentations needed to perform the Pet Sitting responsibilities with the highest quality available. The proven business structure allows the Franchise Manager access to all the resources and tools to make them successful and enjoy a pleasant Income!


- Client Service
- Pet Sitting
- Managing a small to medium staff
- Financial Reporting

Some examples of information and services that you will gain access to:
 - Pet Watch Boston Operational Manual
 - Accounting Record Keeping Services
 - Expense and Income Excel Records
 - Proven Client Base
 - Continued General Advertisement from Pet Watch Boston
 - Personal Focused Ad support
 - Webisite Support
 - Up to (3) Personal Email Accounts


Please contact for more information and to submit you application and begin the Employment Process!

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